Welcome to xsm.ch the online gaming digital media specialists

We are hoping to launch Xsm “the company” within the next year or so, and here you will find the website that we will be using once we are up and running.

At which point, I will remove these 2 paragraphs into order that the website is fully functional for the company.  Up until then, this website should be seen to be a place where you might get an overview of what you might be looking for in a digital media company which serves the online casino and gaming market.

Here at xsm.ch we will be dedicated to making your online casino portal the best it can be.  Not only will we be help you from the starting blocks, but we will be able to also  offer advice, campaigns and website SEO throughout the lifespan of your online casino or e-betting shop.

We hope to have helped many gambling portals with their online marketing strategy over the years, to the point where many will come back to us time and time again with future queries and campaign requests.  We simply hope to be that good at what we do!  We will have professionals in:

  • website design team

    Digital marketing recipe

    What to consider when you need help with your digital marketing

  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • website and competitor analysis
  • blog, article  writers and press release writers
  • a social media campaigns team
  • getting your rankings back if you’ve had a penalty from Google

So, wherever you are in you process of evolution, we will have you covered!

If you need a little more guidance on some of the key terms we are using above, just have a look at this article on SEO and how it all works.

Specialists means experience in the gaming sector.

Let us ask you this:  If you were looking for a mechanic for your vintage 1961 E-type Jaguar, would you take it to a Ford garage?  No, I don’t think you would – and why not?  Because you know only too well, that your car is special, it works in different ways to other cars.  Sure, it has 4 wheels and windscreen wipers and a steering wheel, but behind the metal work, the vehicle functions in a totally different way to a Ford.

So by this logic, if you have a Gaming website to build, fix or optimise, why would you take it to any old online marketeer?  Why would you not take it to a digital marketing specialist who has extensive experience in your sector of online casinos.  Or better yet, an online digital marketing company who ONLY works in your sector.  We have a number of years experience working in the oline casino marketing sector, and examples of our work can be see at the leading and award winning portal onlinecasinocarnival.net.  For more examples of our work or testimonials please get in contact with us,

We will speak your language

We know our ‘flops’ from our ‘rivers’.  We know the difference between the target market audience for bingo and the target market audience for Texas Hold’em.  We know the social media portals that convert the best and are propagated the most by online gamblers – so in the future allow us to put all our experience and contacts and skills to work for your internet casino – and just see how you fly up the rankings!

As if that isn’t enough to get your marketing juices flowing, why don’t you take a look at just one of the sites that we have already engineered to see what we can do with our design, marketing and SEO talents.  One such site is onlinecasinocarnival.net.  As you can see, this site not only looks amazing, but it also works like a dream.  It is streamlined, optimised and uses all the on-page and off-page SEO tools available to present day digital marketeers as well as having a comprehensive gaming social media network.  Just looking at any good article about SEO in the casino industry, like this one from the Search Engine Journal, and you will see that the example site we listed comes up to muster in most of the key areas listed.

By the book

We won’t  want to take any risks with your portal.  We will want to get it to the tops of those all important google rankings, but we will do it carefully, delicately and almost invisibly.  We will abide by the rules and regulations that need to be adhered to.  We will work hard to expose your website to as many sector appropriate outlets as possible by creating relevant content, posted to respected, relevant sites: be that in the form of blogs, press releases or articles.  We will ensure that this optimised content feeds links back into your website or social media profiles in order that your brand gets as much digital exposure as possible giving you the maximum impact for your campaign.

We are constantly checking that what we plan on doing adheres to Google’s best practice guidelines and we are always on top of industry changes that may relate to your online casino.  So whether there have been changes to the regulations in the country that your online gaming site is targeting, or whether there have been changes to the way in which Google works, we will use resources like seroundabout.com to help us stay abreast of what’s going on.